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Games in the Right Bonus: What You Need Now

Bonus games can come in tons of different variations, but today we want to briefly introduce you to the two most typical types:

The pick and click bonus game consists in that you as a player are given a number of elements to choose from. You can then click on one of these elements once or several times and receive the price hidden behind it. These prizes can be coin wins or free spins or multipliers. Sometimes the bonus game ends after a certain number of clicks and sometimes when you click a rivet.

The wheel of fortune is also a popular variant of the bonus game. You can turn a wheel of fortune once, on which there are coin wins, free spins or multipliers. You will then receive the prize on which the wheel of fortune stops.


In some918kiss games you can benefit from multipliers that double, quadruple or add an even larger multiplier to your winnings. These multipliers can either be triggered by certain symbols, increased over multiple games or granted as part of a bonus feature.

Nudge feature

This feature comes in handy when you’re just about to miss a profit. Sometimes the right symbol can then be pushed up or down the necessary position to enable the win.

Risk games

In many slots nowadays you can put your winnings on the line and double, quadruple or even lose. You don’t have to play the risk game, you can also cash in your winnings directly.

But if you take a risk, you can either bet all or half of your winnings on a coin toss or on predicting a face down card. To double your winnings you have to bet on heads or tails or the suit of the card.

With the face down card, you can even quadruple your bet if you correctly predict the exact hand. But if you are wrong with your tip, you will also lose your original profit (or at least half of it).


A jackpot is the maximum prize you can win in a slot. Jackpot slots can come in several variations and the winnings in a jackpot game can run into the millions. Jackpots can be local, global, fixed or progressive.

Local jackpots

This jackpot grows through the stakes of players who play the slot in the same online casino as you.

Global jackpots

These jackpots grow with every bet that a player makes in any online casino in which the slot is offered. This means that the jackpot is also reset as soon as it is cracked by a player in any of the participating casinos.

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