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If we talk about betting on basketball, it does not matter if we talk about the ACB league or the NBA, the truth is that you can bet on many things in addition to the team that is going to win: what difference will there be, how many points will be scored, if the Pivot will put more or less blocks. Do not miss this post and discover what can be bet on a basketball game . At Sports bet platform you have all the possibilities, including live betting.

Match Winning Market

The classic of betting: who will win the match?

Although we are used to seeing 1X2 markets in soccer, in the world of basketball we have two options. The most common is to see markets 1-2, that is, you bet on the winner at the end of the game, even if there has been an extension in between. The other option is a market that includes a tie, therefore it would be 1X2, although in this case only what happened in the 40 regulatory minutes will count. Therefore, if there is extra time, the winning 메이저 사이트 bet will be X, even if either team wins in the extra time.

Point handicap betting

All basketball games are associated with a handicap (be careful, not to be confused with handicap bets , which is somewhat different) , that is, what difference in points there will be between the two teams . For example, on the first day of the ACB, Real Madrid received Iberostar Tenerife on their court. The pre-match handicap was 13.5, which means you could bet that Real Madrid would win by 14 points or more or that Iberostar Tenerife would lose by a maximum of 13 points.

As the final result was 88-73, that is, 15 points of difference, the bets in favor of Real Madrid with a handicap -13.5 were winners, while those who decided to position themselves on the side of the Canarian team thinking that they would lose by 13 points or less, they saw their bet lost.

Total points

A classic in the world of basketball and that admits many variations. You can bet that the total for the match will be higher or lower than the line drawn by the bookmakers. Following the example of Real Madrid-Tenerife on the first day, the line came out at 159.5 points, so with the final 88-73 the bets on ‘over’, that is, there were more than those 159.5 points, they were winners. They are the most classic over / under bets.

But these bets can also be given in each quarter or in each half of the match, since each period of play has its own score line. You can also bet on the total points that each team will get: in the match that we are using as an example, the line for Real Madrid was 89.5, so those who bet on ‘over’ saw their bet lost, while that those who bet on the ‘under’, that is, that it would add less points than that line of 89.5 points, won their bets.

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